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Dr. George W. Carver's Theatre of Arts, Life and Longevity

Cumberland View and other areas in North Nashville in districts 2 and 21

William Sizwe Herring has been awarded $3,500 to lead “Dr. George W. Carver’s Theatre of Arts, Life, and Longevity.” Colette Divine is the collaborating artist.This multidimensional theatrical event will bring a journey to life in connection with the land, food, arts, heritage, the human spirit and vitality. These plays will display George Washington Carver’s teachings through theatre and music. In each church, some members will work with the artists to create, rehearse and perform a dance and/or sing songs which relate to life on the land. Scientific experiments including dry ice effects and multi-media images to involve a conversation between Dr. Carver, the lead artist and the audience. Afterwards guests will have the opportunity to make an art piece out of natural fibers, organic and upcycled materials such as leaves, burlap and shells.The final performances will be held on June 2, 7, and 9 at Dixon Memorial United Methodist, Gordon Memorial United Methodist and Metropolitan Interdemoninational Churches.

natural fibers, leaves, burlap and shells on table for art project