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Educating Our Youth

Elizabeth Park, Cayce and University Court in districts 6 and 19

Ash-Shahid Muhammad was awarded $2,000 to teach youth on how to express what they feel, how to make better choices, and what they want to be through the art of comic book making. The artist is focused on reaching youth in areas of our city that are effected by youth violence, drugs, bullying, sex-trafficking, and youth death. By making the books together, the participants will be able to spread the word about channeling negative energy into a positive way. During this time frame, with the help of the Nashville Peacemakers, the artist will be recruiting teenagers and young adults, holding workshops to share his personal story of how he overcame the streets, and empower the participants to express their own stories in either a comic or coloring book format. Each participant will create a page for the book (the book will be published after the end of this initial project). Workshops will have the capacity for 20-25 participants, ages 13-21.

instruction in the art of comic book making