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Grow Love

At Centennial Park in District 21

The American Artisan Festival was awarded $2350 to present GROW LOVE. GROW LOVE is an interactive public art installation in the form of a three-dimensional Magnolia flower labyrinth. The artwork will be installed in front of the Parthenon in Centennial Park from June 16- June 18, 2017, in association with the American Artisan Festival. A site-specific homage to the iconic, native Tennessee flower and the Parthenon building, the Magnolia labyrinth is constructed of a modular sculpture frame draped with off-white fabric panels. The multi-leveled labyrinth structure invites viewers to meander in and out of a large-scale, three dimensional flower form. When participants arrive in the labyrinth’s center, they can add to the artwork by tying a ribbon to the central stamen form. The ribbons have a hand written personal message of how each participant envisions ‘growing love’. The ribbons also represent pollen that reproduces and seeds that we plant for our highest intentions for our collective future. A family table will be set up on site near the installation, for the community to gather together, discuss, contemplate and write their unique grow love intentions, visions or prayers.