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Happy Healthy Creative Whole Me

District 19, North Nashville

An artist team comprised of Alicelene Hunter and Latonya Toran, core members of the rhythmic poetry group Relativ, Donna Colelli, John A. Hunter, and Anthony Johnson were awarded $4,000 to provide interactive, hands-on, documented arts activities for 50 senior citizens/disabled persons at John L Glenn Residential Center and Peggy Ann Arbors Residential Centers. Funds covered artist fees and supplies and materials for this multi-layered project through which participants were elevated from spectator to producer while addressing many of their basic needs such as self-esteem, improved focus, cognition, physicality, and nutrition. Creative arts activities--painting, photography sessions, writing, and vocal presentations were provided in the participants' residential facilities. In May 2015, a Grand Finale showcased the work of participants, facilitators and a variety of local artists. Copies of the work were offered for display at neighborhood libraries, community centers, and businesses.