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Insight Salons

District 16, Woodbine

Collaborating artists Thandiwe Shiphrah, Gary Powell Nash, Montanez Wade, Robert Bruce Scott, Soraya Parr, and German Baratto were awarded $4,000 for the Insight Salons project. This project was a series of 4 art-making salons that culminated in a 5th session, a public performance event in March. Each creativity salon included one paid guest artist and reflected Nashville’s diverse arts community. The salons were offered free of charge and open to people with and without previous art experience. The artist team partnered with a non-profit organization and a local church to ensure that residents of the community who took part in this project were a diverse representation of the Woodbine/Flatrock neighborhood. Participants took part in lively conversations and guided activities that included poem-making, songwriting, storytelling, music composition, improvisation, performance technique. They learned to use a variety of literary devices (metaphor, simile, alliteration, rhyme) and learned to apply four fundamental music compositional elements -- melody, rhythm, ostinato (groove), and improvisation.

people singing and playing guitars Well Water Installation, Insight Salons community art project.