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Local's Cut: Edgehill Village

District 17, 19, Edgehill and North Nashville

An artist team comprised of Jaclyn Tidwell, Hayley Rose Maurer, Kara McLeland, Andrew Conway Preston, Ricardo Puerta, Clayton Landiss, and Jon Royal was awarded $4,000 to work alongside neighbors in Edgehill Village to capture stories and generate a performance piece to share with the broader Nashville community. The artist team hosted story swaps at community workshops where neighbors shared their stories orally in small groups which were facilitated by the professional artist team. Next, the professional artist team crafted a performance piece including an original script, video design, and sound-scape based on all the collected stories and videos. Neighbors were invited to give input on the piece at several script workshops and open rehearsals in order to help artists stay true to the authentic voice and story of Edgehill as they created the final performance piece, which was presented in May in a weekend of live performance in, by, and for the community.

Edgehill community members participate in a Story Circle. Local's Cut participant helps build set for final storytelling performance.