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District 19, Cheatham Neighborhood

Lutheran Services in Tennessee was provided $2,500 in funding for MYCANVAS (Mobile Youth Community Arts: Nurturing Voices and Self-Expression), a program that provided a mobile, on-site community arts program to youth residents (ages 6 – 17) of MDHA’s Cheatham Place and Haywood Lane apartments. MYCANVAS artists include LeeAnne Love, Rachel Wilson, Juniper Jefferies, and Ted Wilson. These artists offered basic arts skills through workshops that supported identity development, healthy coping skills, and community resiliency through artistic creation and expression. Young artists were encouraged to further their talent with professional instruction and were given tools to promote their interest in the arts.The workshops incorporated various kinds of mediums, including painting, self-portraits, clay, photography, music and culminated in a Cheatham Neighborhood Art Show where the young artists displayed their artwork and music in their own community center.

Young boy, a MYCANVAS participant with original clay sculpture. Boy and Girl MYCANVAS participants hold guitars in music lessons.