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Mapping McGruder

Courtney Adair Johnson - lead artist

Cumberland Gardens in district 21

The community around the McGruder Family Resource Center in North Nashville will collaborate with social practice artist Courtney Adair Johnson and two artists, Marlos Evans and Evan Gray, on the creation of an asset map of neighborhood resources and art interests, culminating into the invention and completion of an interactive map representing the data collected. Working with families, non-profits and business leaders to assemble the strengths and creative hubs of the area surrounding the McGruder, artist Courtney Adair Johnson will set up a social practice artist residency at the center for the months of March and April. As door-to-door interviews are conducted and connections made, Courtney will be looking for materials to conceive the map out of, working to make a connection of sustainability and trash reduction/use in art making. The community and artists will make an interactive map together using the found objects on Sunday, May 22 and Saturday, May 28, from 12 to 4pm. Different ways the interactive map could be represented will depend on the supplies sourced from the community; paper pamphlets maps and digital format, moveable game pieces or a roll out canvas labyrinth. The interactive map will show us the resources and assets of the neighborhood that then will help guide and establish positive civic growth by utilizing all citizens surrounding McGruder Family Resource Center.