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Music for L.I.F.E.

Kerry Frazier - lead artist

East Nashville, Napier, Levy, Edgehill, Bordeaux, Germantown, Midtown/Vandy and West Nashville in districts 5,17, 19, 21, 24

Music for LIFE provides a range of musical experiences that educate, diversify, and magnify the path to success in music while creating a center of hope for approximately 70-100 students in 10 underinvested communities through the performance of popular music. Students will be engaged in Master classes, workshops, music enrichment field trips, rehearsals, and private lessons with seasoned musicians, music educators, and industry professionals during April, May and June 2016. The students will not only receive lessons on keyboard, bass, guitar, drums, vocals, brass and woodwind instruments, but music theory, recording techniques, and best performance practices. A final performance will take place in July 2016.

Music for LIFE