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Nashville Lantern Festival

District 24, West End

The West End Middle School Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) was awarded $2,500 to support a portion of the first Nashville Lantern Festival 2015, a one-night celebration of the arts, Chinese culture, and the arrival of spring. THRIVE funds paid for supplies and materials and fees for two artists - Elizabeth Sanford and Courtney Adair Johnson - to work with students at West End Middle and its two feeder elementary schools--Eakin and Sylvan Park-- to make a variety of lanterns in their art classes, Chinese classes, and/or after-school clubs. There were also lantern-making workshops offered to the community. The artists also oversaw the construction of large-scale and elaborate lanterns that will also be used to assist in the transformation of West End's original 1937 gymnasium into a “Hall of Lanterns.” On March 12th, the project culminated in a community lantern parade around the West End Middle School grounds and/or Elmington Park.

Busy classroom with young children and artists teaching lantern making. children showing off their hand-made lantern