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Norf Wall Fest at the McGruder Center

In North Nashville in District 21

Also Artist Joseph Love III aka “Doughjoe” of the Norf Art collective was awarded $4000 to engage the community with the Norf Wall Fest at the McGruder Center. Norf Art Collective (or simply Norf) will work with community partners and members of all ages to produce a large scale artwork piece to be installed in the McGruder Family Resource Center. NORF at McGruder will be a week long workshop for members of the North Nashville community to create public artwork with a grand unveiling to be publicized to the larger public. Norf and Green Fleet Bike Shop will host a one day event/bike tour of North Nashville a week prior to the workshops to inform the community of the gentrification processes, public artwork and historical value of the neighborhood. The bike tour will serve to inform the public of the workshop but will aim to inspire individuals and open the dialogue for some of the issues community members face.