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Open Rehearsal: A Contemporary Dance Lab, New Dialect

Midtown/Vanderbilt, District 21

New Dialect is being awarded $2,500 in our new Community Activation category. “Open Rehearsals: A Contemporary Dance Lab” will welcome community members to experience a behind-the-scenes look into the creative process and development of our new contemporary dance production “Souvenirs”. Participants will be invited into our rehearsals to learn firsthand how a choreographer collaborates with a group of dancers and composers to craft a body of movement to original music. Rehearsals will be conducted at the Metro Parks’ Centennial Performing Studios from February 15 through March 23, 2016, Monday-Friday from 12pm-3pm. At the end of each rehearsal our Artistic Director, Banning Bouldin, will lead an informal Q&A discussion during which participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain deeper insight into the culture of contemporary dance. The goal of the project is to engage community members in the creative process of a working contemporary dance company, thereby increasing appreciation for and involvement in contemporary performing arts in Davidson County.