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Saturday in the Arts Day Camp

Neighborhood & District: Bordeaux, North Nashville, and Midtown in Districts 1, 2, 19 and 21

Jeni Calhoun received $4000 to implement The “ Saturday In The Arts Day Camp”. This program is a Month long program that will expose children in underserved communities to the Arts. Local artists and multimedia professionals will teach students how to create, record, and perform original works of poetry and or song. The goal is to provide a free opportunity for young budding artist to experience life as professional artists. The young Artist will not only get to showcase their talent they will also learn the nuances of performing. Everything from set times, rehearsals and even performance apparel . They will leave this program learning how to create a product from start to finish. The program finale will be an Open Mic event sponsored by Little Sisters With Ink on October 1, 2016.