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The Art of African American Quilting

Black Women Piecing Together our Past while Keeping Ourselves in Stitches, Zuri Quilting Guild

Bordeaux, Parkwood, Haynes Park, Whites Creek, Joelton in districts 1 and 2.

This Zuri Quilting 101 workshop series is geared toward infusing several neighborhoods with the historical and crafting knowledge of the tradition of African American quilting while exploring neighborhood and value. Taken together, this workshop series will cover every stitch of quilting from how to choose fabric, step-by-step piecing, useful quilting tips, to making a quilt sandwich in an effort to teach participants how to quilt successfully. Each participant will learn terminology, techniques and the historical traditions that make up African American quilting...the Zuri way! The final pieces will be put on display in several locations.

Woman holding quilt

Women working on a quilt