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The C.A.L.L. Project (Community Artist Leadership and Legacy)

Thandiwe Shiphrah - lead artist

Woodbine/Southeast Nashville in district 16

The C.A.L.L. Project is a collaborative community art project designed to encourage original art and innovation, acknowledge the contributions of older residents, and provide a showcase for the work of quilt artist and community leader Fannie Williams. It will produce an original video followed by an artist talk, a live collaborative performance, and a mixed-media collage workshop that incorporates poem-making. The project is led by Thandiwe Shiphrah in partnership with Patterson Memorial United Methodist Church and Woodbine United Methodist Church. It will engage residents of District 16 in various aspects of art making (video, performance, visual art, poetry), including interviews and on-camera appearances by senior members of the community as well as current and former staff of the Woodbine Community Organization, which was founded by Fannie Williams. The C.A.L.L. Project will be open to the public April 16th, April 29th and May 14th.

CALL Project

CALL Project