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The Street Style Project

North Nashville and Jefferson Street in Districts 19 and 21

Michael Ewing was awarded $4000 to engage the North Nashville community in the creation of The Street Style Project. This project is a community editorial and photo journal that captures the historical and current aesthetic of North Nashville, Jefferson Street, and the local HBCU culture in the area. This project's aim is to share a complete narrative of the communities transformation through the medium of photo essay. Working with professional photographers, the Street Style project will create editorials that invite all communities to learn about and celebrate sacred spaces and third party community spaces. This project will connect local residents to share the beauty and complexity of their neighborhood through the lens of professional editorials. Community members will be an integral part of helping to create the narration, identify various spaces, and decide the shape of the project through the listening of their oral histories and to what, at the core, is important to them.