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Voices Unwavering

Carolyn German - lead artist

Donelson and Hermitage in districts 11 and 15

Playwright Carolyn German was awarded $4,000 to work with McKendree Village, Donelson Public Library, and the Fifty Forward to coordinate opportunities for Seniors to come and share their stories. Carolyn will record the stories, transcribe them, and then use them to develop a theatrical performance of “Voices Unwavering: Bold Stories and Life Lessons from Seniors of Donelson/Hermitage,” as a collection of stories honed specifically for performance for a live audience. The work created will highlight the universality of the human experience that is evidenced through our wonderfully-unique stories. Additionally, the work will provide an inter-generational connection by bridging the experiences of the seniors interviewed with youth and adults in the audience. Professional actors will present the work between May 17 -22 in those three locations.

group photo of participants in Voices Unwavering