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Various youth communities. The artist is based and is also recruiting in the Antioch community in district 32

Saran ‘S-Wrap’ Thompson was awarded $4000 to engage the Antioch and greater Nashville communities in the project WORDSMITH. The artist is releasing an album & reaching out to the youth in the community to teach and activate them to create an accompanying short film. The album and short film depicts a young man that discovers his talent, purpose, and passion through a trivial and mundane task: Uploading information to a robot. This project will workshop with young creatives from Nashville with aspirations in multimedia to work and create this film. His team of artists will work with the Nashville Public Library Teen Center and Studio NPL as well as the YMCA of Middle Tennessee to recruit participants for this project. However, we are working in various locations across Nashville to serve as the visual backdrop for the short film. This project will be implemented late 2016 and Early 2017 with completion and showcase in April 2017.