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Chapter 6.12 Dance and Dancehalls

6.12.010 Definitions

For the purposes of this chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them by this section:

"Known," used in connection with the words "prostitute," "male or female procurer" or "vagrant," means known to the manager, owner or lessee of a public dancehall, or to the person conducting a public dance, or to the police or other authorities having to do with the regulation and supervision of public dancehalls or public dances, to be one of the persons named, or who has such general reputation or character, or one who has pleaded guilty to or has been convicted of being a prostitute, male or female procurer or vagrant.

"Public dance" means any dance to which admission can be had by payment directly or indirectly of a fee or any dance to which the public generally may gain admission with or without the payment of a fee.

"Public dancehall" means any room, place or space in which a public dance shall be held. (Prior code § 7-1-1)

6.12.020 Registration, permit and fees required

It is unlawful to hold or conduct any public dance or to operate any public dancehall within the metropolitan government area until such dancehall or other place in which such public dance may be held shall first have been duly registered as a public dancehall with the chief of police and a permit shall have been issued by the beer permit board for the operation of such dancehall or the holding of such dance, an application fee of one hundred dollars plus a one hundred dollar annual fee for the permit. (Prior code § 7-1-2)

6.12.030 Permit--Issuance conditions

No permit for the operation of a public dancehall shall be issued until it shall be found that the place for which the same is issued complies with and conforms to all laws, ordinances, health and fire regulations applicable thereto, is properly ventilated and supplied with separate and sufficient toilet conveniences for each sex and is a safe and proper place for the purpose for which it shall be used. The permit for such dancehall shall be in writing and shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the dancehall at all times when the same shall be operated. (Prior code § 7-1-3)

6.12.040 Beer permit board--Powers and duties

A. The beer permit board shall be charged with the duty of supplying application forms for permits for permission to operate a public dancehall or a public dance and such forms shall contain such pertinent questions to be answered by the applicant, and to be sworn to, as is deemed to be necessary and proper by a majority of the members of the beer permit board.

B. The beer permit board is authorized to adopt such rules and regulations for the property regulation and supervision of public dancehalls and public dances as a majority of the board shall decide in conformity with the provisions of this chapter. (Prior code § 7-1-4 (part))

6.12.050 Fees--Disposition and purpose

A. All fees collected under the provisions of this chapter shall be deposited to the credit of the general fund of the general services district and shall be used to supplement the budget of the beer permit board.

B. The secretary of the beer permit board shall keep a record of all permits issued as in the case of the issuance of permits by the board to sell beer. (Prior code § 7-1-8)

6.12.060 Prohibited hours of operation

All public dances shall be discontinued and all public dancehalls closed from three a.m. to six a.m. on weekdays and Saturday from three a.m. to noon on Sundays. (Ord. 98-1474 § 1, 1999)

6.12.070 Minors prohibited when

It is unlawful for any dance permit holder or his agent or employee to allow any person under eighteen years of age to loiter or congregate about the premises when alcoholic beverages are being sold. The burden of ascertaining the age of minor persons shall be on the permit holder and his agent or employee. When the minor is seated at a table, there shall be no beer served at the table unless such minor is accompanied by one or both parents, but only if served in conjunction with food. (Ord. 98-1474 § 2, 1999)

6.12.080 Prohibited acts, conduct and persons

It is unlawful for any person to whom a dancehall permit has been issued or for any person conducting a public dancehall or public dance to allow or permit in such dancehall or at such dance any indecent act to be committed or any disorder or conduct of a gross, violent or vulgar character, or to permit in any such dancehall or at any such dance any known prostitute, pimp or procurer. It is unlawful for any known prostitute, male or female procurer or vagrant to be present at any public dance or at any public dancehall. (Prior code § 7-1-5)

6.12.090 Revocation of permit

A. The permit to operate any public dancehall may be revoked for the violation of any provision of this chapter or provision of this code or other ordinance or law relating to such places, and upon the revocation of the permit to operate such public dancehall, at least three months shall elapse before another permit shall be granted to the manager, owner or lessee of such dancehall to operate the same.

B. The procedure provided by laws of the metropolitan government relative to the beer permit board and by the rules and regulations adopted by the beer permit board for the revocation of permits or licenses to sell beer shall be applicable to the revocation of permits of public dancehalls or public dances. (Prior code § 7-1-4 (part))