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About the Codes Administration Department

The Codes Administration Department is vested with the authority and duty to administer the Metro Building Code as well as the Metro Zoning Code – therefore, the Department is logically able to function as the “umbrella” agency administering the “permit process” – this process is linked electronically to other Metro agencies (Water Services, Public Works, Fire Marshall, etc.) to facilitate processing of applications for permits.

The Department is a “general fund” department – the Director of Codes reports directly to Nashville’s Mayor.

All of the costs necessary to operate the Department are fully recovered each year through “user fees” charged by the department as permit fees, license fees, plans review fees, appeal fees, and inspection fees.

In other words, costs to operate the Department are covered by those who do business with the Department – NOT by the taxpayers.

Primary Mission

  • Safety of the public as occupants of buildings within Metropolitan Government and Davidson County
  • “Better neighborhoods” through the administration and enforcement of Nashville’s Zoning code to ensure orderly development of buildings and property
  • Economic development – through permit and inspection tracking systems for construction projects