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Codes Department Listing

Codes Administration
Codes Administration Phone Number
General Information 615-862-6500
Fax (Permits) 615-862-6514
Fax (Inspections) 615-862-6499
Fax (Property Standards) 615-862-6593
Codes Administration Staff
Name Title Phone Number
Bill Herbert Director 615-862-6549
Roy L. Jones Assistant Director 615-862-6541
Karene West Administrative Specialist IV 615-862-6591
Julie Welch Administrative Services Officer III 615-862-6598
Eben Cathey Public Information Officer 615-862-7192
Administrative FAX Administrative Office 615-862-6615
Building Division Administration
Name Title Phone Number
Building Division Office Administrative Line 615-862-6550
Byron Hall Assistant Director 615-862-6521
Barbara Sloss Administrative Assistant 615-862-6522
Building Division—U & O
Name Title Phone Number
Tawanna Dalton Customer Service Representative 615-862-6527
Administrative FAX Building Division 615-862-6499
Building Division Inspection Staff
Name Title Phone Number
Tim Rowland Chief Building Inspector 615-862-6529
Anthony Cochran Building Inspector 615-862-6569
Kenneth Crenshaw Building Inspector 615-862-6559
Larry Dennis Building Inspector 615-862-6563
Alex Hayes Building Inspector 615-862-6565
Charles Hayes Building Inspector 615-862-6553
Sid Hinkle Building Inspector 615-862-6547
Robert Johnston Building Inspector 615-862-6568
John E. Puckett Building Inspector 615-862-6537
Douglas Ramer Building Inspector 615-862-6577
Sam Rider Building Inspector 615-862-6561
Lisa Stromatt Administrative Services Officer III 615-862-6544
Electrical Division Inspection Staff
Name Title Phone Number
Electrical Division Office Administrative Line 615-862-6560
Kenny Wilee Chief Electrical Inspector 615-862-6536
Wilma Sullivan Customer Service Representative 615-862-6528
Jeremy Barber Electrical Inspector 615-862-6575
Blake Evans Electrical Inspector 615-862-6572
Troy Felts Electrical Inspector 615-862-6620
Larry Haley Electrical Inspector 615-862-6510
Jerry Ham Electrical Inspector 615-862-6574
Mark Monhollen Electrical Inspector 615-880-2464
Michael Morgan Electrical Inspector 615-862-6546
Terry Talley Electrical Inspector 615-862-6566
Tim VanDeGejuchte Electrical Inspector 615-862-6576
Mechanical Division Inspection Staff
Name Title Phone Number
Mechanical Division Office Administrative Line 615-862-6570
Shannon Roberts Mechanical Chief 615-862-6508
Chris Atkins Mechanical Inspector 615-862-6562
Tracy Dougherty Mechanical Inspector 615-862-6594
Alan Fort Mechanical Inspector 615-862-6506
Joey Hicks Mechanical Inspector 615-862-6507
Jerry Horton Mechanical Inspector 615-862-6567
Randall Lifsey Mechanical Inspector 615-862-6587
Sam McMurtry Mechanical Inspector 615-862-6610
Martin Pomeroy Mechanical Inspector 615-862-6497
Anisha Anderson Office Support Representative 615-862-6552
Plumbing Division Inspection Staff
Name Title Phone Number
Plumbing Division Office Administrative Line 615-862-6570
Gary Hall Chief Plumbing Inspector 615-862-6584
Ken Faircloth Plumbing Inspector 615-862-6556
Norman Faircloth Plumbing Inspector 615-862-6525
Jim Hodge Plumbing Inspector 615-862-6585
Greg Lamberth Plumbing Inspector 615-862-6543
Brad Murray Plumbing Inspector 615-862-6554
Scott Randolph Plumbing Inspector 615-862-6578
Anisha Anderson Office Support Representative 615-862-6552
Property Standards Division Administration
Name Title Phone Number
Property Standards Office Administrative Line 615-862-6590
William H. Penn, Jr. Assistant Director 615-862-6516
Donna Liles Customer Service Supervisor 615-862-6511
Annette Martin Customer Service Representative 615-862-6513
Jennifer Smith Customer Service Representative 615-862-6531
Amanda Brown Customer Service Representative 615-862-6502
Erika Frost Customer Service Representative 615-862-6592
Administrative FAX Property Standards Division 615-862-6593
Property Standards Division Inspection Staff (Blue Team)
Name Title Phone Number
Jim Mackdanz Property Standards Inspection Chief 615-862-6504
Tyson Andrade Property Standards Inspector 615-862-7466
Scotty Brown Property Standards Inspector 615-862-6616
Bill Earles Property Standards Inspector 615-862-6479
Adam Fiegle Property Standards Inspector 615-880-2774
Theresa Hayes Property Standards Inspector 615-862-6530
Lisa Lewis Property Standards Inspector 615-862-6794
Mike Morgan Property Standards Inspector 615-862-6609
Greg Stiles Property Standards Inspector 615-862-6602
Property Standards Division Inspection Staff (Red Team)
Name Title Phone Number
Monica Bishop Property Standards Inspection Chief 615-862-6617
Mattie Jones Property Standards Inspector 615-862-6618
Mike Lyons Property Standards Inspector 615-862-6601
Chuck Rice Property Standards Inspector 615-862-6596
Mark Smith Property Standards Inspector 615-862-6579
Jay Summers Property Standards Inspector 615-862-6607
Stokes Swann Property Standards Inspector 615-862-7422
Property Standards Division Inspection Staff (Flex Team)
Name Title Phone Number
Wayne Denton Property Standards Inspection Chief 615-880-2775
Pam Alexander Property Standards Inspector 615-862-6597
Tad Dominiak Property Standards Inspector 615-862-6603
Allen Hubbell Property Standards Inspector 615-862-6493
Michael Teague Property Standards Inspector 615-862-6564
Trades Permit Issuance
Name Title Phone Number
Permit Office Administrative Line 615-862-6517
Margo Potter Administrative Services Officer IV 615-862-6253
Teresa Moore Office Support Representative III 615-862-7222
Algie Robinson Office Support Representative III 615-862-6515
Demetria Robinson Office Support Representative III 615-862-6261
Condra Stephens Office Support Representative III 615-862-6582
Plans Examination Division
Name Title Phone Number
Administrative Line Plans Division 615-862-6614
Wade Hill Assistant Director 615-862-6520
Kevin Atwood Plans Examiner 615-862-6586
Rick Harris Plans Examiner 615-862-6611
Mike Plunk Plans Examiner 615-862-6503
Scott Summerville Plans Examiner 615-862-6519
John Tyler Plans Examiner 615-862-6039
Teresa Patterson Office Support Representative 615-862-6614
Other Administrative Staff
Name Title Phone Number
Stephan Kivett Urban Forester 615-862-6488
Jonathan Wyatt Urban Forester 615-862-6886
Christine Gibson Sexually Oriented Businesses 615-862-6573
Fire Marshal Office Administrative Line 615-862-5230
Brady Rich Development Services Center 615-862-6548
Joanie Martin Alarm Registration 615-862-6779
Building Permits / Zoning Review
Name Title Phone Number
Zoning Division Office Administrative Line 615-862-6510
Jon Michael Zoning Administrator 615-862-6557
Emily Lamb Zoning Chief 615-862-6792
David Diaz-Barriga Zoning Examiner 615-862-6545
Lisa Butler Zoning Examiner 615-862-4138
Thomas Corcoran Zoning Examiner 615-862-6595
Clint Harper Zoning Examiner 615-862-6621
Walter Morgan Zoning Examiner 615-862-6606
Debbie Lifsey Administrative Assistant 615-862-6505
Jessica Shepherd Administrative Assistant 615-862-6656
Ronya Sykes Document Imaging 615-880-2649
Short Term Rental Permits
Name Title Phone Number
Jon Felts Property Standards Inspector 615-862-6532
Bonell McBroom Property Standards Inspector 615-862-7416
David Frabutt Zoning Examiner 615-880-3245
Bob Osborn Zoning Examiner 615-862-6353
Campbell Padgett Administrative Services Officer II 615-862-6874