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Codes Publications List

The Codes Department maintains a number of documents that are helpful and are available to the public for information purposes. Feel free to download or view at your leisure.

Building Permit - Building Valuation Table

The International Code Council using the Marshall Valuation Service, as published by the Marshall and Swift Publication Company, Los Angeles, California, has compiled this Building Valuation Table. ICC has developed this data to aid jurisdictions in determining permit fees. It is important to note that while this BVD table does determine an estimated value of a building, the data is only intended to be used for determining permit fees for a jurisdiction. The data is not to be used as an estimating guide as the data only reflects an average cost and not specific construction.

The degree of precision is sufficient for the intended purpose, which is to establish permit fees. The BVD table provides jurisdictions with a simplified way of determining the established value of a building that does not rely on the permit applicant to determine the cost of construction.

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