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Building Permit Process

Approximately 240,000 parcels of property exist within Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County, and each is currently zoned for a wide array of uses permitted by the applicable zone district classification, as shown in our Zoning Land Use Table.

Your site is considered “zoned and ready” if its current zoning matches your intended use; the next step in that case is to apply for a building permit at the Department of Codes and Building Safety, which serves as the hub of the building permit process for all Metro departments associated with the review of the permit application.

Flow chart of the building permit process

Applications can be submitted through our e-Permits system, or in person at the Codes and Building Safety Office on the third floor of the Metro Office Building, 800 Second Avenue South.

Project plans and specifications may also be submitted electronically using our e-Plans Review electronic filing system or delivered to our offices. We offer a very wide array of electronic services, and we encourage electronic submission of plans and specs to save you time and money, help us complete your plan review more quickly, and make the plan review process transparent to all.

Development Website

The Development Website is our “one-stop shop” and information source for anyone interested in Metro Nashville/Davidson County’s development process and construction regulations.

We do our best to make compliance with local permits and regulations as simple and straightforward as we can, and that begins with your initial application. The person who processes that application will be your contact and guide as you move through the necessary filings and approvals, and you won’t have to travel all over the city to get that done - our development-related city departments are located in the same building or nearby and share a common database for faster and more efficient review.

We want you to share our excitement about the many business opportunities our community offers, and we invite you to participate in our continuing growth and success.

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