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Codes Electrical Emergency Reconnects

The Department of Codes & Building Safety provides twenty-four (24) hour assistance to any emergency electrical service reconnect call.

"Emergency Reconnects", are emergencies which have resulted in power outages or destruction of electrical services. These normally include thunderstorms, windstorms, hailstorms, snowstorms, ice storms, prolonged freezing temperatures, fires, explosions, and vehicular accidents. Of course other catastrophes may also require an emergency response (tornado, earthquake, building collapse, etc...).

The Electrical Inspection Division of the Department of Codes & Building Safety is truly an emergency working unit.

Who Is Responsible for the Repairs?

The property owners responsibility begins where Nashville Electric Service connects the service drop wires that are run from the NES pole and transformer to the owners building or house and connects to the service wires that are going into the owners service riser and meter base where the NES meter is installed.

Any damage to the electrical system from this point to the electrical breaker panel or fuse box must be repaired by a licensed electrical contractor at the owner's expense.

What Steps Should Be Taken To Have Repairs Made?

If there is damage at the structure and the property owner has to secure the services of a licensed contractor the following steps must be taken to have electrical power reconnected by Nashville Electric Service:

  1. Secure the services of a licensed electrical contractor in Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County to make the necessary repairs to the system.
  2. After the electrical contractor has completed their work, they will contact the Metro Codes Electrical Inspector who is on duty and request an electrical inspection.
  3. When the electrical inspector arrives at the requested location he will inspect the work that has been repaired by the electrical contractor. If the inspector approves the work that has been done, he will fill out a yellow approval card with the date, address, and his name that shows he has inspected and approved the repairs that have been made. The yellow card will be attached to the meter base.
  4. If the electrical inspector rejects the work done by the contractor, the inspector will place a red tag (rejection notice) on the meter base. The inspector will call the contractor and tell them what corrections must be made for the repairs to be approved. When the electrical contractor has completed the and corrected the items that were rejected the contractor will request a re-inspection.
  5. As soon as the electrical inspector has approved the work required a release number will be issued to the NES emergency line department to restore the electrical power to the building or structure.

All of these instructions are contained in a PDF document that can be obtained by clicking on the link below:

Emergency Electrical Reconnect Plan