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"One Stop Shop" for Building Permits

Because the Department of Codes and Building Safety is vested with the authority and duty to administer Metro's Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, as well as to issue building permits, and Use & Occupancy certificates - it then becomes quite natural for the Codes Department to function as an "umbrella" agency administering the permit process.

The various Metro departments and agencies, with an interest in the permit process (Public Works, Water Services, Fire Marshal, Health Department, Historic Commission , Planning Commission , and others) have been linked up electronically through a common computer program and a common database to facilitate processing of applications for permits. This process is commonly referred to as "permit tracking".

It is through this common tracking system that Metro departments and agencies freely share access to the permit process, administered at the Department of Codes & Building Safety.

To further facilitate the effective delivery of services in processing applications for building permits (and for customer convenience) departments which have the greatest input into the permit process have located on-campus, "outposts" of their departments at the offices of the Codes Department.

Thus, the "One Stop Shop' for building permits.

So, how are we doing? Over 87% of all permits issued by the Codes Department are issued during a single visit to our offices.

Permit Fee Calculations

Click on this link for the current permit fee schedule: Permit Fee Schedule

Fast Track Permits

To accommodate tight construction schedules, building permits can be issued in phases. Through the issuance of separate foundation, structural framing, shell and finish out permits, buildings can come out of the ground as plans are being "fast tracked" by designers. Building permit applications for later construction phases can be pursued while construction progresses. The advantages of phased permit issuance are apparent. It saves time and allows an early start.