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Property Permit History

EPAV Codes is now live!  It is accessible via the mapping site listed below.

On the site, search for various properties via any of the options available.  You can use address, owner, map/parcel, etc. 

Once opened, click the map/parcel link.  The map will change zeroing in on the property.  In the drop down list under View More Parcel Data, select Permit History and click Go.  Yet another box will open listing the permits for the given property.  Click the permit number link and ePAV should launch.  When the list opens, click the link (if one is listed) to open the document. 

After looking at the image, close it, close the result list, and return to the permit listing.  At the top, there is a button to view all records for a given property.  Click this button and a new list should appear.  Click one of the links to open a document.