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Codes Department Zoning Division

The Zoning Division is one of three major divisions within the Department of Codes & Building Safety.

The Zoning Division is the first step in obtaining building permits and zoning information. The division is comprised of Zoning Examiners who review building projects and proposed signs for compliance with the Metropolitan Zoning Code. The Urban Forester office reviews landscaping plans for compliance with the Metropolitan Zoning Code, provides support to the Board of Zoning Appeals and issues Tree Removal Permits. The Zoning Division also provides support staff for the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Common information provided by the Zoning Division includes:

Zoning Letters

Effective on November 30, 2017, the Metropolitan Government is no longer preparing Zoning Letters. For information on how to use Metro's website to find zoning information for a parcel, please see Understanding the Zoning Code.

For information regarding recent re-zonings, please check the Metro Clerk’s Web Site.