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Urban Forestry

An example of urban trees in a new development. Nashville’s tree canopy improves air quality, manages stormwater, supports public health, provides economic benefits, and enhances the quality of life for Nashville residents.

The Urban Forestry Division of Metro Codes is responsible for the review of landscape plans and enforcement of the Tree and Landscape Ordinance. The division’s focus is the protection of existing trees and the continued planting of quality trees in Davidson County. Stephan Kivett serves as the Urban Forester and may be reached at 615-862-6488.

In developments other than single-family or duplex residential properties, an approved landscape plan is required prior to issuance of a building permit. The Urban Forester has developed a guide for protecting trees during the construction process so those protected trees may be counted toward Tree Density Requirements. Additionally, a list of recommended and prohibited trees and shrubs has been provided to guide the landscaping process.

After construction has been completed, an Urban Forestry inspection will be performed to insure compliance and coordination with the approved landscape plan. This inspection report checklist serves as a guide to assist landscaping contractors and landscape architects in completing the landscape installation during a construction project. If inspection is satisfactory, the urban forestry phase of development will be complete.