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Worksheet For Urban Forestry Plans

Prior to grading, insure that any required tree protection fencing has been inspected by Urban Forestry personnel. If grading begins before the inspection is made, a revised plan will be required for the project.

Tree protection fencing shall be 4’ tall chain-link fencing installed at the drip-line of trees to remain or at a minimum of 10’ radius.

Always provide 3 copies of landscape plans that include the completed Tree Density Worksheet. For projects greater than 5,000 square feet, a professional stamp must be included.

Density Requirements

Provide plant list with common names, quantities and sizes.

All trees must be minimum 2”caliper and appropriate height for the species (6 foot minimum), and meet ANSI Standards for Nursery Stock at time of planting

Include on plans: all proposed and existing overhead utilities, parking lot light locations, detention facilities, utility easements, parking spaces and finished topography. Include an up to date planting detail for trees and shrubs that DOES NOT show tree staking or guying.

If a dumpster is to be used, show location & screening materials. Enclosure must be opaque and of sufficient height to fully screen dumpster.


Show perimeter landscaping strip around parking areas. Install a minimum of one tree for every 50’ of frontage and a continuous row of evergreen shrubs (18” minimum). Strips along 4 travel lanes must be 10’ wide, less than 4 lanes are 5’ wide.

(review Metro Code Section 17.24.150 for variations on this requirement).


Show interior landscaping for parking areas. This includes one canopy tree for every 15 parking spaces, and a greenspace of 8% for all paved areas.


Show how all required plantings will be maintained. Choices include an automatic, timed irrigation system or hose attachments no more than 100’ from required plantings.


Show the zoning for the subject parcel and the surrounding parcels.

If a buffer is required (refer to buffer table), 50% of each component must be evergreen species.

Below is an example of a Landscape Plan diagram which shows perimeter and interior landscaping, along with a buffer yard. A diagram such as this will be required when requesting issuance of a permit.

Example landscape plan diagram

This Tree Density Worksheet is provided for your convenience. For more information on the review of landscape plans and the enforcement of the Landscape Ordinances, please contact Stephan Kivett, Metro’s Urban Forester, at 615-862-6488.