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Zoning Examinations

The Zoning Examinations Division consists of the Zoning Administrator, whose primary duties are to interpret and enforce the Metropolitan Zoning Code, and Zoning Examiners, who review proposals for permit to make sure they comply with the Zoning Code.

The Zoning Examiners also provide customer service to the citizens of Nashville regarding all of their zoning and land use questions. Each year, the Zoning Division processes approximately 30,000 permit requests.

Services provided by the Zoning Examinations Division include:

Requests for Zoning Letters

As of 2017, the Metro Codes Department is no longer issuing zoning letters. However, the information previously contained in zoning letters is available through online portals provided by Metro. Please visit Understanding the Zoning Code to learn how to access this information.

Examples of Site Plans

Requests for permits for additions and new construction require a site plan to be drawn to scale by the customer to show the Zoning Examiners what is proposed. Below are examples of the types of site plans needed.

Residential Site Plan Example

Commercial Site Plan Example

When do I need a permit?

Below is a comprehensive list detailing when a permit is required. Please feel free to download this list and use it as a guide to help you.

Permit Requirements


Fences generally do not require permits to be constructed in Nashville. There are several significant restrictions as to where a fence may be constructed on your property as well as how tall a fence can be. Find out more about the rules and requirements for fence construction in Davidson County.