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Home Occupation Permits

Home Occupations are a permitted land use in Metro Nashville and Davidson County. These uses are allowed with certain restrictions as to the size and scope of the home based business. Please check with the Davidson County Clerk's Office to see whether a business license is required for your particular home based business. The following steps are required to obtain a Home Occupation Permit:

The customer will furnish the following items to obtain accessory Home Occupation Permit:

  1. Letter of intent stating exact details of home occupation and applicant's intent to fully comply with the Zoning Code Section 17.16.250(D). The applicant must state in the letter the number of square feet they plan to use in connection with the home occupation and that it will not exceed 20 percent of the floor area in the residence or accessory structure occupied and in no case more than 500 square feet. It must also state that they fully understand that they cannot serve customers on the premise and can only have one employee other than a resident of the dwelling on the property.
  2. Copy of a floor plan of the residence.
  3. If you rent, you will need a letter from the management of your apartment complex or the landlord of your rental property permitting you to have a home occupation.
  4. A fee of $50.00 is required. This is a one-time fee, not a yearly fee.

The Zoning Examiner will furnish:

  1. A copy of the application to the zoning inspector so they can inspect the property to verify residence requirements before the permit is issued.
  2. A copy of all home occupation permits are to be provided for the division secretary so it can be forwarded to the district councilmember by the zoning examiner.

Questions regarding home occupation permits may be directed to the Zoning Division at 615-862-6510.