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Flood Damage and Permit Information

The Codes Administration is working hard to ensure that all residents affected by the March 2021 flood can access needed information as the rebuilding process begins. All permit applications for new construction, demolition, or rehabilitation related to storm damage will be expedited.  When applying for a building permit, please include that the application is for flood-damaged property.

A property owner who presently occupies or intends to occupy a single-family residence or a licensed contractor may obtain a building permit to construct or repair a residence.  If an owner obtains his or her own building permit, the owner becomes responsible for code compliance, including the work of subcontractor.  If a property owner obtains a permit, he or she should include this affidavit along with the permit application:

Self Building Permit, Affidavit of Exemption

More information related to building permits and repair on weather-damaged property can be found below.