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Property Standards Code

Violation Categories:

Article V.—Minimum Standards for Buildings, Structures, and Premises

(Sections 16.24.300 through 16.24.550)

The provisions of this article shall govern the minimum standards, conditions and responsibilities of persons or entities that own, occupy, operate, or otherwise control any residential and nonresidential building, structure, or premises. This includes:

  • Maintenance of exterior and interior of structures
  • Maintenance of exterior property area (see below)
  • Life safety requirements
  • Occupancy limits

Section 16.24.330—Exterior Property Areas

All property areas are to be maintained in a safe, clean, and sanitary condition. 

  • Premises are to be kept free of an accumulation of trash, junk and debris
  • No Inoperable and / or unlicensed vehicles are allowed
  • All motor vehicles must be parked on a hard surface (concrete, asphalt or gravel)
  • Fences shall be constructed from materials designed for that use and shall consist of materials manufactured and/or treated to prevent rust (metal fences) or decay (wood fences).
  • Other accessory structures, (i.e. sheds, carports, detached garages, etc.) must be maintained
  • Tractor-Trailers are not allowed on single family or two-family residential properties
  • A single school bus may be parked or stored on a single family or two-family residence provided the driver resides at the property and the bus is operated by a private or public K-12 school  or school system in Davidson County.
  • Weeds and grass must be kept below twelve inches in height.

Section 16.24.400—Occupancy Limits

No more than three unrelated adults can occupy a dwelling unit. This regulation applies to all dwelling units, no matter how many bedrooms the dwelling unit may have.

Article VI.—Dwellings and Structures Unfit for Human Habitation, Occupation, or Use

(Sections 16.24.560 through 16.24.660)

The provisions of this article established the procedures the Codes Department uses to assess the condition of structures and dwellings in order to determine fitness for occupation and use.