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Neighbors Organized to Initiate Code Enforcement

Cleaning up our neighborhoods will not only provide aesthetic and financial benefits, it will also greatly improve our overall quality of life. The Property Standards Division of Metro Codes works diligently to respond quickly to constituent tips about Codes violation and proactively go into neighborhoods to ensure property owners are in compliance with our property standards codes.

However, Davidson County is 532 square miles and Property Standards inspectors can’t be everywhere all at once. That is why we created the Neighbors Organized to Initiate Code Enforcement (NOTICE) program which allows citizens to be a direct participant in the process that helps improve and maintain their own neighborhood.

This collaboration between neighborhood organizations and the Property Standards Division helps the department to increase the identification and resolve of blighted properties that affect the value of surrounding property. Users of the NOTICE Program have seen improvement in the condition of homes, yards and overall cleanliness of the neighborhood.

Often times, our neighbors simply do not realize a violation exists on their property. The goal of this program is not to exercise police-like powers, but rather to use sound judgment and work cooperatively towards assisting the public. Objectives of the program include:

  • Cleaning up the exterior of residential or commercial buildings, grounds and vacant lots
  • Instilling a sense of community in the neighborhood
  • Helping to stem blight
  • Fostering community involvement in the upkeep of the community

How It Works

The NOTICE program is open to neighborhood organizations which agree to the following conditions:

  • The group must have at least four individuals who will volunteer to make the inspections
  • The group must submit an application form
  • Volunteers must attend a training session before they can participate in the program
  • The group can only use the inspection worksheets for violations within the boundaries of their neighborhood
  • Only violations on the form can be reported on the form

Utilizing the three-part Inspection Worksheet, Volunteer Inspection Teams (VIT) submit observed violations to the Property Standards Division within 24 - 48 hours of identifying the violation. The staff of Property Standards enters the information in to the CityWorks tracking system. The inspection worksheet is then mailed to the property owner of the address of violation. The VIT goes back to re-inspect the violation property within 10-30 days depending on the type of violation (note structural violations receive a re-inspection after 30 days). If after re-inspection, the VIT reports the violation is not abated, the Property Standards Flex Team will process the case.

Training is provided in an effort to acquaint the VIT with NOTICE Program procedures. The training also teaches the team what constitutes a violation and how to utilize the program to report those violations utilizing the Inspection Worksheet.

If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact Bill Penn at 615-862-6590.