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Landlord Registration Program

The Tennessee State legislature passed a bill requiring all owners of residential rental property to register their property (Tennessee Code Annotated Title 66, Chapter 28-101).

A notice to register is sent to all registered owners of property in Davidson County. The program requires the owners to submit information about their rental units. The bill requires owners to provide:

  • Their full contact information – Name, physical address with contact telephone number (No PO Box)
  • The number of units per property (duplex/triplex, etc.)
  • Name and contact information for their manager or registered agent who can act on their behalf

This information is maintained in a database and will only be used in the event there is a codes violation at the property which requires correction.

There is a state mandated registration fee of $10.00. This fee is to be paid by each landlord/residential property owner. Each landlord or property owner is required to pay a single fee for all rental property owned in the County. An owner who owns a single duplex or triplex would only have to pay $10.00 for that property. If more than one property is owned, the fee is still only $10.00 for that landlord/owner. The fee is paid annually. Owners of rental property should contact the Property Standards Office to register at 615-862-6590. The registration fee should be made out to “Metro Codes Administration”.

To download a copy of the registration, click the link below:

Registration Form