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About Metropolitan Nashville Community Oversight


The mission of the Metropolitan Nashville Community Oversight is

  • to provide an accessible, respectful, independent and effective forum for community participation in the investigation and resolution of complaints of Metropolitan Nashville Police Department misconduct;
  • to examine and issue policy recommendations regarding local law enforcement policies and practices;
  • to encourage open and constructive communication and cooperation between local law enforcement and Metro's residents; and
  • to protect civilians' rights and promote professionalism and best practices in the Police Department, enhancing community-police relations and creating a safer Nashville.


Metropolitan Nashville Community Oversight has the power to investigate allegations that Police Department officers have committed misconduct against members of the public, as well as

  • issue policy advisory and resolution reports assessing allegations of misconduct by Police Department,
  • issue recommendations to agencies involved in public safety and the administration of justice, and
  • has the option of establishing a monitoring program that provides an ongoing review or audit of the complaint process administered by the Police Department's Office of Professional Accountability or equivalent internal affairs program in Police Department.

The Board may refer a matter to the Police Department's Office of Professional Accountability and recommend that discipline be given within the parameters of civil service rules and regulations, and Police Department shall respond to disciplinary recommendations in writing.

The Board has the option to forward resolution reports that produce factual findings of criminal misconduct and civil rights violations to the District Attorney, Grand Jury, or U.S. Attorney.

Code of Ethics

We have adopted the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.