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hubNashville is a comprehensive customer service system, that makes it easier for people to connect with Metro representatives in order to make service requests, ask questions, and share feedback. hubNashville is a one-stop shop currently available by phone and online, that is easy to use, and doesn’t require a user to know which department they need to contact.


During April 2021, we attended to 29,170 requests. Among the most frequently used request categories were:

  • Trash and Recycling Cart Service for damaged, stolen or additional carts (1,867)
  • Trash/Recycling complaints (408)
  • Missed Trash (1,699)
  • Missed Recycling (843)
  • Blocking the Right of Way (221)
  • New Trash and Recycling Account Activation (415)
  • Illegal Dumping (370)
  • Traffic Light Issues and Traffic Light Timing (202)
  • Dead Animal Pickup (158)
  • Extra Trash/Recycling Cart Pickup (28)
  • Junk and Debris (321)
  • Residential Complaints (196)
  • Damaged Signs (194)
  • Brush Collection (170)
  • Potholes (6379)
  • Abandoned Vehicles (155)
  • Street Lighting (174)
  • Tree Maintenance on the Right of Way (96)
  • Overgrowth on right of way (74)
  • COVID-19 Violations Reported (160)
  • COVID-19 Questions Submitted (207)

Create your own hubNashville account!

If you create an online hubNashville Community account you can access the hubNashville Community portal and also download the hubNashville Mobile App. You will be able to enter and track your requests and access Knowledge Based Articles from anywhere! You will also still be able to submit requests anonymously.

To create an account in hubNashville and download the mobile app, please follow the directions in the articles listed below in the ‘How do i…’ section.

How do I...?


  • Call 311 inside of Davidson County
  • Call 615-862-5000 inside or outside of Davidson County
  • Visit