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Department of Law

Welcome From the Director

The Department of Law is created in Article 8, Chapter 6, of the Metropolitan Charter. The responsibilities of the department have been organized into three areas: legal services, claims, and insurance. The powers and duties of the department as set out in the Charter or by ordinance are:

  • Supervise, direct and control all the law work of the Metropolitan Government;
  • Furnish legal advice to the Mayor, the Council, all officers, departments, boards and commissions concerning matters related to their official powers and duties;
  • Represent Metro in all litigation;
  • Collect all debts, taxes, and accounts due the government;
  • Prepare or approve all written instruments including contracts, bonds, deeds, and leases;
  • Prepare or assist with the preparation of all ordinances;
  • Investigate and handle all claims, and
  • Handle all insurance and risk management.

Metropolitan Government is self-insured for most potential losses. Therefore, the Department's work may include the review and settlement of a small claim and extend to complicated litigation carried through an entire appellate procedure. The great majority of the Department's work, both litigation and client services, is handled in-house. On occasion, outside attorneys with a particular expertise are engaged to assist the Department's attorneys. During 2015 the Department received approximately 185 new litigation matters, 109 new administrative hearings, 1982 new contracts and 410 pieces of legislation for review or preparation, and more than 425 new requests for client advice. The Claims Division received over 1080 new claims for review. At present, there are 32 attorneys, an insurance/claims manager and 2 claim representatives who are responsible for the performance of these duties. They are assisted by paralegals and other administrative staff.

Our offices are open 8 a.m.–5 p.m., and you may email us or visit in person at the Metro Historic Courthouse, Suite 108, Nashville, TN 37219.

Metro Charter & Code

The Department of Law is given the responsibility of the compilation of the general ordinances by the Metropolitan Charter.  In order to assist the public by providing access to the Metropolitan Code through the internet, the most recently published version of the Metropolitan Code is available at this site.  This version is provided for information only and should not be relied upon as the official Metropolitan Code.  Recently passed ordinances changing sections presented here are available through the office of the Metropolitan Clerk. 

Metropolitan Charter & Code

Contact Information

Metropolitan Government of Nashville
Department of Law
Metro Courthouse, Suite 108
P.O. Box 196300
Nashville, TN 37219-6300
615-862-6341 phone
615-862-6352 fax

  • Director, Bob Cooper
  • Deputy Director, Tom Cross
  • Associate Director, Lora Fox
  • Associate Director, Allison Bussell