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District Energy System

Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet

Hume-Fogg Academic MagnetIn 1974, Hume-Fogg High School was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, a fitting tribute to one of downtown Nashville’s oldest and most majestic stone structures. But in the intervening years, the beautiful façade of Hume-Fogg has been blemished by air conditioning units jutting out from every classroom window.

Not only were the air conditioning units an eyesore, they also created noise in the classrooms, causing major distractions for teachers  and students.

All that changed, however, late last year when Hume-Fogg became a district energy customer. Each room now has its own thermostat so teachers can regulate temperatures, and there will be air conditioning in the auditorium for the first time ever.

Theresa Rollins, a senior at the school, told Tennessean reporter Natalia Mielczarek she has noticed the difference and is excited about the new system.

“It’s quiet now,” she said. “Before, when the teacher was talking and the A/C came on, it was really noisy and you couldn’t hear anything. So you had to turn it off, but then it got hot.” Rollins is also enthusiastic about the DES’ ability to distribute heat more evenly than the old system did in winters past.

Students and teachers have welcomed the upgrade and are enthusiastic about the efficient heat and quiet cooling that will enable them to perform throughout the day without interruption.