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District Energy System

Chilled Water Pump Upgrades


Six Pump MotorThe Nashville District Energy Plant is currently completing a $600,000 upgrade to the six chilled water pumps that distribute chilled water through the downtown system. The modifications were necessary to increase the plant’s capacity to deliver chilled water to facilitate the new load from the Music City Center. The new convention facility will use both chilled water and steam from the District Energy Plant.  Below are several stats for the pumps:

  • The original pumps were rated at 7,600 gallons per minute with a differential head of 219 feet (95 pounds per square inch.)  At that required head pressure, the new pumps are rated at 11,000 gallons per minute.
  • The original pumps were 500 HP.  The new pumps are 550 HP.
  • The cost of the pump modifications is approximately $600,000.