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District Energy System

Early 2014, the Sheraton Hotel at 623 Union Street in downtown Nashville undertook extensive exterior and interior renovations.


Metro Nashville DES seized this opportunity to upgrade the district chilled water services to the Sheraton while these renovations were taking place. Working in concert with the Sheraton’s management/staff, their architect/engineer and their renovation contractor, Metro Nashville DES installed new 10” chilled water service lines to the hotel during this renovation. Metro Nashville DES was given a two week window to start and complete the exterior work related to this piping upgrade and this schedule was met with exterior construction beginning on Jan 24 and being completed by Feb 6. Interior building construction was completed a few weeks later.

Through this cooperative effort and by combining these construction activities, Metro Nashville DES minimized the impact on the Sheraton along with the impact on downtown Nashville, and saved the City/Metro Nashville DES money in the restoration of the site.

Sheraton Restoration
Before, during and after.