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District Energy System

Employee Spotlight

Ray Adcock, Maintenance Mechanic

Ray Adcock

Ray Adcock works as a mechanic with Constellation Energy and spends his time at work in the tunnels downtown. Before joining Constellation, Ray was a member of the United States Navy. From there, he worked at the Nashville Thermal Plant, DuPont and finally Metro DES.

Q: What has been your most challenging task while working as a mechanic at DES?

A: I would say the downtown traffic is my biggest challenge. I go in and out of the street a lot through manholes, and the buses in downtown make that difficult.

Q: What led you to pursue a career as a mechanic?

A: Right after high school I joined the Navy for five years. In the Navy I was a machinist mate and worked on boilers and steam-driven equipment. That's what I work with today.

Q: What brought you to DES? Were you a Metro employee prior to joining DES, or did you come from a different background?

A: I worked at the Nashville Thermal Plant for 13 years, then I had the opportunity to go to DuPont. Unfortunately, DuPont closed plants and I was laid off. There was an opening at Nashville District Energy, and that's how I got here.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job at DES?

A: Getting the job done and seeing it through to completion.

Q: How would you describe DES' importance to the city of Nashville?

A: It's very important to heat and cool 41 buildings in downtown Nashville. All those buildings, including major buildings like the Tennessee State Capitol, depend on Metro DES.

Q: How do you see DES' services changing in the future as Nashville continues to grow?

A: I'd like to see us add more capacity as a plant so we can serve more customers. That would ensure jobs for folks for years to come.

Q: What do you look forward to most when heading to work in the morning?

A: I enjoy seeing what new challenges I have to overcome, as far as jobs and things that need repair.

Q: What are you passionate about outside of your job at DES?

A: Family. My wife, daughter and son. I've coached youth softball and baseball for 20-plus years now, and I also serve at my church, Faith Is the Victory Church.

Q: What is your most memorable moment at Metro DES?

A: The flood. The flood filled up all the tunnels, and we had to stop service to wait for the water to go down for a total of five days. Those folks didn't have steam service. The need for steam was down; the Lower Broad area was flooded. Through that, a lot of people were affected in other areas because the buildings were shut down.