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District Energy System

Employee Spotlight

Angela West, Administrative Coordinator

Angela West

Angela West serves as administrative coordinator at DES, and she’s been at the company for eight years. Angela said her role there has evolved over the years, and now her main focus is accounts payable as the local contact for suppliers. Angela has spent much of this year preparing for the corporation to change accounting systems, which took effect in early summer and is running smoothly so far. Angela shared more details about her job at DES and the people she interacts with every day.

Q: As administrative coordinator, you’re pretty much the gatekeeper for all things Metro DES. How hard was it to learn the technical side of Metro DES’ business to the extent that you could communicate with customers, co-workers and vendors as needed?

A: When I came on board, I had a great teacher for the accounting responsibilities – Jimmy Hatcher. My biggest hurdle may have been to consistently track expenses based on whether they were for the plant or for the distribution system. That was just an extra layer of coding that I wasn’t accustomed to, but it is critical for our records

Q: What brought you to DES? Were you a Metro employee prior to joining DES, or did you come from a different background?

A: I wasn’t a Metro employee, nor did I work at the Thermal plant. I was fortunate to be looking for a job at the time that Constellation decided to fill this position. Not just fortunate to get the job, but to find such a great group of people to work with. After my first accounting position doing personal income tax returns at a CPA firm, I have spent most of my career in managerial accounting for companies in some type of construction or selling industrial supplies. I thought I would like working at DES, because my dad had been shift supervisor at a chemical plant in Calvert City, Ky. There seemed to be some similarities.

Q: What are three tools at your disposal (e-calendar, software/program, Excel, etc.) that you couldn’t work without?

A: Microsoft Outlook keeps me in touch with my MANY long-distance co-workers. Without it there would be too many phone calls. The scanner is a great tool – being able to quickly send a quality document that serves as an original is very helpful. My desk calendar is used heavily. I make to-do lists and notes of issues needing follow-up.

Q: Tell us about working in an environment with many more men than women. Is it a challenge, or is it something that you don’t think much about?

A: It works for me, especially with this group. They’re very considerate of my presence, and I try to be easy for them to tolerate. Is this a good place for me to brag on my DES co-workers? It’s usually pretty quiet here; but when there is a problem with the system, they jump and get with it fast. They are dedicated and knowledgeable – I’m proud of the job they do.

I haven’t forgotten that my co-workers at DES helped my family when I had been here only 6 months. After a tornado damaged my home, leaving a huge mess to clean up, they helped us move furniture at a critical time. They also provided a dumpster while we sorted through the debris. The next year of rebuilding was hard, and I was spread pretty thin. I appreciate that I am still part of the team, in addition to their support when disaster hit.

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

A: I enjoy movies and music – I’m a big fan of country music. With all of the events here, I have to be careful not to buy too many tickets. I also enjoy reading, cooking and sewing. When the weather’s mild, it’s great to be a passenger on my husband’s motorcycle, enjoying the scenery and searching for ice cream.