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District Energy System

Technical Information

These links contain technical information relating to ongoing operations and performance of the Metro Nashville District Energy System.

DES System Descriptions

Typical DES Construction Information

DES Customer Connections

DES Customer Map

Water Treatment and Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Tips for Customer Energy Savings

As you prepare your buildings for the approaching heating season, we would like to take this opportunity to present to you a few suggestions on saving energy whether heating or cooling. Energy conservation is beneficial for everyone. In addition to saving you money, energy conservation reduces the consumption of hydrocarbon-based fuels, and reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. We hope the following list proves helpful to you this heating season.

Carbon Footprint

Did You Know District Energy Offers More Favorable Carbon Footprint?

In cases where buildings are considering electric resistance heat or heat pumps, utilizing District Energy for heating results in a more favorable “Carbon Footprint.”