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Election Campaign Financial Disclosures

Current/Recent Financial Disclosures

Search Recent Campaign Financial Disclosures

The Davidson County Election Commission offers a Campaign Finance website where candidates and political action committees (PACs) may quickly and efficiently submit their filings and members of the public may access their financial information.

Candidates and political action committees, refer to this Campaign Finance Website Quick Start Guide to create a new account and register to use the candidate/committee portal.

Once candidates/committees have submitted their financial information, public users may search filings, print/download reports and submit open records requests via the website.

Navigation Tip: After locating the candidate or committee, click on the arrow to the left of the name to access public documents.

Historical Information

The Campaign Finance website contains financial disclosures from 2018 forward.

To view filings from only 2015 or 2016, please use the search form below.

Note: it may take a few moments for search results to appear.

Historical Document Search (2015 or 2016 Only)


The Davidson County Election Commission does not verify the accuracy of these financial disclosures. It is the candidate’s or political action committee’s responsibility to file accurately.