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Voter Registration Drives

The following resources and information may prove helpful, as you prepare to register new Davidson County voters:

  • Our Register To Vote page – Lists the requirements for registering to vote in Davidson County.
  • Tennessee Mail-In Application For Voter Registration – This is a State form, used by all Tennessee counties, so please return to our office only applications completed by Davidson County residents. This form may be used for new registrations, as well as name and address changes.
  • County Election Commission Address List – If you register residents of other Tennessee counties, please forward those applications to the proper county election commission offices. Remember, in Tennessee, we register by county. If a Davidson County resident prefers to mail their application to us, please provide our mailing address: P.O. Box 650 Nashville, TN 37202
  • Voter Registration Quality Control Form – This guide points out the hot spots on the application that are often skipped. Thank you for checking over the form, to make sure the applicant has completed all required questions, as incomplete applications cannot be processed.
  • Scanned Example Application For Voter Registration – Please have the applicant print their information on the form. Illegible information will slow the processing of a new application. (Please note: this example is a scanned image of a form completed by hand, and is not intended to be read by a screen reader.)
  • Tennessee Online Voter Registration System  - For people who prefer to register online, please refer them to this secure site where they may also submit name and address changes.
  • - The official Tennessee election website contains helpful information (maintained by the Tennessee Secretary of State - Division of Elections). The GoVoteTN mobile app serves as an on-the-go reference tool, as residents may check if they are already registered, if they need to update their address, where they are assigned to vote on Election Day, etc.
  • Create your own “I'm registered to vote. Are you?” sign – An eye-catching way to advertise your registration drives – before, during and after. Take pictures of new registrants holding the sign and post on social media. Don’t forget to tag us: @davidsoncountyelections (Facebook) and @DavidsonVotes (Twitter)
  • Check our calendar for registration deadlines. New registrations must be postmarked or hand-delivered to either of our offices no later than thirty (30) days before an election, in order to vote in that election. (Tennessee Code Annotated. 2-2-109)

If you have questions, give us a call at 615-862-8800.