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Financial Operations


To be recognized by customers, peers, and stakeholders as the model for fiscal and technological leadership and customer service.


To provide The Metropolitan Government with fiscal leadership and sound stewardship of public resources by establishing fiscal policy, providing accurate and timely information, and facilitating the most effective and efficient delivery of services.


For questions concerning accounting transactions or financial reports, please contact the Accounting Section.

700 Second Avenue South Suite 310
Nashville, TN 37210
615-862-6100 Phone, then press 4 for Accounting
615-862-6109 Fax

Accounts Payable

For questions concerning the processing of payments to vendors and related information, please contact the Accounts Payable Section.

700 Second Avenue South Suite 310
Nashville, TN 37210
615-862-6100 Phone, then press 3 for Accounts Payable
615-862-6109 Fax

Invoices should be submitted to:

Metro Payment Services
P.O. Box 196301
Nashville, TN 37219-6301


DISCLAIMER The financial reports and statements included on this web page represent the financial position and results of operations as of and for the year ended stated on the cover of the report. The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County assumes no responsibility for updating these financial reports and statements for events which may have occurred subsequent to the date of the auditors’ report.

The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County has taken reasonable security measures to protect the integrity of its website and information posted thereon. Absent any unauthorized act that deletes, edits or manipulates the words or data in the financial reports and statements, such financial reports and statements are accurate as of their date.

By accessing the financial reports and statements, you agree to and acknowledge your understanding of this disclaimer.

Annual financial reports for components units and other related organizations can be obtained through the "Find An Audit or Report" search functionality available through the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury website.

Staff Directory


Rimon Abdou
Phone: 615-862-6201

Joyce Bentley
Phone: 615-862-6103

Phil Carr
Phone: 615-862-6657

Pat Finney
Phone: 615-862-6108

James Gadsden
Phone: 615-862-6462

Richard Holland
Phone: 615-862-6368

Vijay Lal
Phone: 615-862-6704

David Lannom
Phone: 615-862-6122

Pamela Marks
Phone: 615-862-6212

Jennifer Pedginski
Phone: 615-880-1702

Rhonda Pedley
Phone: 615-862-6176

Roy Stone
Phone: 615-862-6409

Michael Wall
Phone: 615-862-6369

Cathy West
Phone: 615-862-6373

Kathye West
Phone: 615-862-6115

Accounts Payable

Andrew Gardner
Phone: 615-862-6132

Lesia Hale
Phone: 615-862-6157

Jan Henderson
Phone: 615-862-6168

Elizabeth Lyons
Phone: 615-862-6236

Bethany Morris
Phone: 615-862-6157

Seretha Nobbin
Phone: 615-880-1790

Tammie Davidson
Phone: 615-880-1621

Calvin Taylor
Phone: 615-880-1785

Shelia Wiggins
Phone: 615-880-1715

ADA compliance symbol For an ADA accommodation, please contact Kimberly Northern at 615-880-1710 or by email at