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Mayor's 2017-2018 Budget: Community Support

Infographic: Community Support; Read text below for more information.

The Mayor’s 2017-2018 budget includes support for various community functions, including:

  1. Arts: $500,000 for the Metro Arts Commission to fund temporary public art projects, the THRIVE program, and additional artist grants
  2. Head Start: $2,500,000 for maintenance upgrades to Metro’s Head Start Centers
  3. Codes and Property Standards: $1,000,000 for the Codes Department to increase enforcement efforts and improve response time to citizen requests
  4. History and Conservation: $250,000 for a new Historic Preservation Trust Fund and $500,000 for a Conservation Assistance Grant Program
  5. Public Parks: $1,000,000 for parks and to staff new community centers in Smith Springs and Madison