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Balancing Act Website

The operating budget is a document guiding the spending and priorities for the upcoming year. Recognizing that community members may have other ideas for how to allocate our limited revenue resources, Metro Government is asking residents to make suggestions by using the Department of Finance’s subscription of A Balancing Act.

What is A Balancing Act? The subscription details Metro Nashville’s revenues and expenses. Residents can adjust the proposed spending to show the impact of potential changes for each department.

Taxpayer Receipt

This year in addition to A Balancing Act, the Department of Finance has added Taxpayer Receipt. By answering a few simple questions, residents will be able to see in detail an example of how their tax dollars are allocated and used across Metro Departments. Although this is just a simulation—we hope it will give citizens a better idea of what you get in return for the property and sales tax dollars you pay.

To get started for Taxpayer Receipt, follow these simple steps.

  1. First you must know whether or not you live in the Urban Services District (USD) or the General Service District (GSD). If you are unaware of which district your property is located, please use the Parcel Viewer found on Planning website. The formula for the property tax depends on where you live.
  2. Once you know which district you reside, you will need to know the assessed value of the residence. If you are unaware of the assessed value of the property, please use the Davidson County Trustee’s Tax Calculator.
  3. Once you have the assessed property tax information, then you can use the corresponding link below.


No information from Taxpayer Receipt is maintained and Operating Transfers are not calculated as part of this subscription. Only information submitted by you in A Balancing Act is recorded and will be submitted to the Mayor’s Office.