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Budget Adoption

The Metro Charter requires that the recommended budget ordinance be filed with The Council each year by May 1st. The recommended budget ordinance requires three readings by the Metro Council and must be approved before June 30th so that the budget can be adopted for the new fiscal year.

In June, the Council’s Budget and Finance Committee holds hearings to review the budget requests of Metro’s departments and agencies. Department leaders and elected officials appear before the Committee to explain their budget requests and answer questions about their performance.

Also, in June, the Council holds a public hearing, allowing members of the Nashville community to comment on the recommended budget. This hearing is open to all, and speakers may address any aspect of the proposed budget.

The Council’s Budget and Finance Committee, having heard from the representatives of departments and agencies, as well as the public, considers what changes, if any, it may wish to make to the Mayor’s recommended budget. These changes are made to the recommended budget ordinance and a substitute budget ordinance is filed that reflects the changes. Once the Budget and Finance Committee approves the substitute budget ordinance, it is submitted to the full Council for approval. After approval by the Council, the budget becomes law and goes into effect July 1st.

The Metro Council may choose to take no action regarding the recommended budget ordinance. In this case, the recommended budget ordinance becomes the official budget for Metro Government effective July 1st.