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The Mayor's Budget Hearings

Meet with Each Department

In early Spring, the Mayor begins budget hearings with each department. In these hearings, the departments present their plans for the coming fiscal year and justify their budget requests in the context of the programs and services they plan to offer the citizens. The Mayor’s Hearings are televised on Metro 3 (the Government Access Channel) and through streaming video on Metro’s internet site so that citizens have timely and easy access to these important discussions.

Review the Accomplishments, Strategic Issues, and Goals

The Mayor will review each department’s accomplishments from the previous year to ensure that each department has made progress toward meeting their stated goals with the resources provided in their existing budgets. Strategic issues are addressed in the context of Nashville's Priorities, and departments are provided the opportunity to discuss goals for the next budget cycle.

Review Resource Requests

In these hearings, the Mayor and departments also review departmental resource requests that are necessary to accomplish goals in the next budget cycle. Departments are provided the opportunity to describe how an investment of resources will improve programs and services offered in the community. The Mayor uses information from these hearings to make decisions about which items to include in the Recommended Operating Budget that is presented to the Metro Council no later than May 1 of each year.